The Genesys Project: The Birth of Genesys

Created by Gary Krieger- Genesys Games

The Genesys Project is a Customizable Tabletop Miniatures game where you create your own faction and customize your equipment.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Stretch Goal Reached. QuickPlay Reference Sheets are here.
7 months ago – Fri, Aug 09, 2019 at 03:23:38 PM

Just over 48 hours left and we passed our Stretch Goal adding additional content for the Humanoids. Remarkable, and I will be jumping on it right away.

I also want to backers to know that yesterday in our meeting we decided to add a "Strategy Guide" to the game. This will be available later (for free) as a pdf and will be available on the Genesys Games website. The Strategy Guide will be insight not only from myself, but directly from playtesters who have been involved in the playing and direction of the game for years, including a couple from the very beginning! The goal is to get their insights and opinions into creating factions, gameplay, and more. 

Also, here is a draft of the QuickPlay Reference Sheet laid out for this Kickstarter. The one that will come in the books will be more refined. 

You can see it here, or download the pdf at this link.

Coming Down To The Wire!
7 months ago – Thu, Aug 08, 2019 at 02:04:16 PM

Coming Down To The Wire!

We're coming toward the end of this Kickstarter campaign, and we're very appreciative of all the support, comments, and questions we've had so far. We've tried to give you some great insight into not only the gameplay, but also the unique Faction Creation System at the core of The Genesys Project. You, our backers, are aware of all of these updates, but those who will be returning to look at the campaign over the next few days might not. Please let your gaming group know that there is plenty to catch up on!

An Add-On

During our first 48 hours we said that everyone who pledged would receive the Primitive Age PDF absolutely free. That tuned out to be 120 backers, on the dot. So, if your backer number for this project is 120 or less, you'll receive the Primitive Age PDF gratis. If your number is 121 or higher, you can now add it to your pledge for just $5. This PDF will be available alongside everything else. 

Stretch Goals

We've made a slight adjustment to our announced stretch goals, reducing the target numbers, and we've decided to keep the campaign going through the BackerKit pledge manager/pre-order store process. We'll announce a few more goals before the KS campaign ends, and those will still apply to the support we receive through BackerKit (we are very keen to make the books the best we possibly can).

7 months ago – Thu, Aug 08, 2019 at 09:38:22 AM

We are approaching the final days of the Kickstarter and showing off our final updates in the next few days. There has been a ton of information given to really highlight the game and its worth while to share with as many people as you can. There are 4 days left! 

Lets check out Creating Monsters.


Monsters are at the heart of The Genesys Project, from the 1st Age through to future Ages. They can be customized within your own faction with a lot of versatility, from monstrous mounts to thundering dinosaurs, or even creating an entire army of Monsters!


Every Faction has the opportunity to Monsters, including Humanoids, Fey, Insekts, and Biests. As with most things in The Genesys Project, Monsters are built using traits, specifically through Class Traits called Monstrous Traits. These are taken when creating a new class, taking up one of your Class Traits slots. (It’s always important to remember that as you play games you can add additional classes to your faction.) 

When you select a Monstrous Trait, you transform the class into a Monster no longer genetically attached to your faction and swap out your Starting Characteristics for a new set of Monstrous Characteristics. You also lose those Faction Traits the rest of your race/species already has and take new ones selected in a section of the book dedicated to Monsters.  


Creating Monsters means gaining access to an entirely new section of traits designed to customize your monsters called Monsters of Myth and Legend. Here you can create something familiar like Griffons, Drakes, Large Mounts, and even hybrids like Chimeras, to something completely unique and new to your faction. 

Monsters not only have access to the Monsters of Myth and Legend but they can also dip into traits from your own domain. Here’s a sample Monster with Traits chosen from the Biest Domain AND the Monsters of Myth and Legend.

Gorgon - Level 3 Class Monster

Monsters of Myth and Legend Traits: Biestial Monster (Taurus) - Powerful Charger, Thundering Charge (gives trample to run over models and stuns), Stone Body (makes him tougher with additional wounds), Rare Metal Infusion - Adamantine (the creature is literally made of it), Horns (natural weapon) with Massive (a morph to enhance our trample).

Extra Class Characteristics added to Movement and Strength. (helps with trample and additional movement since we are taking a -1 to movement from Stone Body). 

When creating our Monster, we took very specific traits from both the Biests (our starting Domain) and we jumped over to the Fey from within the Monsters of Myth of Legend traits gaining access to the Earth Sphere of Influence to create an Adamantine bull monster able to trample over enemy formations. 


While most Monsters are created as a specific class here and there within a faction, there are those that go even further, creating entire factions of Monsters. This could be a Beastmaster, who rules with an iron fist over his Monsters or a Monster itself who controls and rules all others. There are more than a couple ways of doing this (especially if you are a Biest player):

· Creating individual Unit Classes that each have access to Monstrous Traits. 

· Taking a Monstrous Trait with Forbidden Lore (my favorite) and slowly (or quickly during creation) transforming your entire faction into Monsters. It should be noted that Class Traits taken are not replaced, only Faction Traits


If there is any Domain that can build Monsters better than others, it’s the Biests. Biests have a unique take on Monsters, as they can make a race with Monstrous Traits within their species traits, essentially creating an entire Faction of Monsters. 

Either way you look at it, Monsters can be incredibly flexible, although expensive (in point costs), but allow for a level of customization unparalleled anywhere else. 


7 months ago – Mon, Aug 05, 2019 at 06:52:42 PM


In The Genesys Project you can create and play your faction in any of the three ages, or create them in the 1st Age and play them all the way through to the 3rd Age. 

The 3rd Age will take The Genesys Project into the Far Distant Future, and one of the primary design elements of the 3rd Age is customization of your futuristic tools of war – Mecha and Powered Armor. 

While the things you can do in the 3rd Age are incredibly fun to explore, plugging your cybernetic pilot into a Mecha or a genetically engineered soldier into their advanced Powered Armor are among the favorites awaiting you in The Genesys Project.


The Genesys Project reuses the same central concepts through all three ages and the 3rd Age Mecha and Powered Armor are no different. Core Systems allow a certain amount of customization and layout for your Vehicles, Mecha, and Powered Armor. Of course, you can add more Core Systems to the frames of each by taking traits that allow more “advanced” designs. 

Core Systems give you the capacity of equipment and weapon systems that can be fit into/onto the Vehicles, Mecha, and Powered Armor. How many Core Systems that can be added to a mecha or powered armor depends upon the size of the frame. Through the Traits system you may have advanced technology to allow additional Core Systems as well as other types of futuristic upgrades. 


Mecha, which means “mechanical”, are advanced Walkers that are piloted by one or more crew rather than being an individual mechanical suit. These walkers are often bristling with weaponry and have more Core Systems than vehicles of the same size. 

Light Mecha: Large Walker

Core Systems: 4 

Strength 5, Toughness 7, Movement 5  

Crew 1, Compartment - Enclosed

Battle Mecha: X-Large Walker

Core Systems: 5

Strength 7, Toughness 9, Movement 4

Crew 2, Compartment - Enclosed

Heavy Battle Mecha: Huge Walker

Core Systems: 6

Toughness 10, Movement 3

Crew 3+, Compartment - Enclosed

MECHA CORE SYSTEMS (a small selection): 

· Additional Legs: Increased Movement

· Coaxial Smoke Launchers: Can launch smoke grenades

· Leg Actuators: Increased Movement 1 

· Reinforced Front Armor: Enhancement Armor 1 front armor only

· Reinforce Hull: Enhancement Toughness 1

Weapon Systems

· Crew Mounted Weapon: Pintle Mounted Weapon

· Dual Armature Weapon: Weapon Types Vary Depending Upon Available Armory 

· Hull Mounted Secondary Weaponry: Great Place for anti-infantry weapons

· Single Weapon Armature: Weapon Types Vary Depending Upon Available Armory

Advanced Mecha Upgrades

· Advanced Vehicle Targeting: Enhancing Pilot’s Ranged Skills

· Command Vehicle: Enhanced Command and Allows Pilots or Crew to use their Command

· Extra Armor: Armor 1 (All sides)

· Flight Control Systems: Requires two Core Systems, Flight, Light Walkers only

· Heavy Mountings: Heavy Mount 2

· Hull Mounted: For Large Heavy Mounted Weapons

· Liquid Armor Plating: Dampening Incoming Hits

· Multi-Targeting Array: Targeting multiple squads with different weapon systems

· Protected Power Core: Increase Power 2

· Reactive Armor Plating: Reactive Armor 2

· Shield Generators: Allows for advanced shields to used 

Dual Armature Weapon Mounting: Walkers may take two of the same weapon types on each armature mounting combining them into a dual weapon mounting controlled by a single crew member. Both weapons attack as a single weapon increasing the number of shots or attacks from the weapon has. 

Single Weapon Armature Mounting: Overcharged powerful weapons can be built into a single armature of a walker. These weapons are stronger and larger versions of the same weapon. A single armature weapon has an increased Strength 2. Only one armature weapon can be used in a single activation.

* A single crew member is used to fire each armature weapon. Dual Armatures are considered a single weapon. Any weapon known by your faction can be mounted, including melee combat weapons. As normal, Mecha are vehicles and are limited in the strength of the weapon mounted by their toughness. 


Powered Armor offers great protection to the soldier of the far distant future. Created from advanced Ceramic Polymers and Titanium plating over an exoskeleton with its own power system to offer a wide variety of systems enhancements to its wearer to give the advantage on the battlefield. 

Like other futuristic armors, Powered Armor grants protection to the wearer, but also grants additional Core Systems for the user take advantage of during combat. Like vehicles using Core Systems, critical hits can damage or destroy Core Systems during combat. In The Genesys Project you can customize your Powered Armor.

Ultra Light Reconnaissance Exoskeleton: Armor 1, Core Systems 2 - Used for light infantry, recon, and other advanced operations

Light Combat Powered Armor: Armor 2, Core Systems 3 - A fully capable light combat suit suited for additional roles and advanced operations 

Powered Combat Armor: Armor 3, Core Systems 4 - A frontline Combat Suit with able to take the soldier into the center of the battle 

Heavy Combat Power Armor: Armor 4, Core Systems 5 - A frontline Combat Suit able to take a wide variety of systems

POWERED ARMOR CORE SYSTEMS (a small selection): 

  • All Around Sight: All Around Sight
  • Built in Weapon Systems: Vary dependent upon the possible weapons available
  • Camo Polymers: Advantageous Cover 2
  • Combat Protocols: Enhancement Martial 1
  • Cybernetic Interface: Allows for the suit to cybernetically interface with vehicles or Mecha and to any cybernetic      implants. 
  • Encased Power Core: Enhancement Power 1
  • Enhanced Strength: Enhancement strength 1
  • Heavy structural support: Heavy Mounting 2
  • Increased Armor Plating: Armor 1
  • Increased Functions: Upgrades an existing system
  • Integrated Command Comms: Remote Operations, bonus to Command
  • Integrated Multi-Targeting AI: Multi-Targeting AI
  • First Aid Stimulants: First Aid Stims
  • Flight Control systems: Grants advanced Flight 
  • Jetpack: Flight
  • Jump Jets: Allows for instant Climbing and      increased Jump ability
  • Liquid Armor: Liquid Armor 1
  • Reactive Armor Plating: Reactive Armor 1
  • Secondary Weapon Systems: Dependent upon available weapons
  • Shielding: Allows for personal shielding to be added to the armor
  • Sprint Enhancers: Enhance Movement 1
  • Targeting Enhancement: Enhancement Ranged 1
  • Vision Enhancements: Allowing      sight in all various battlefield conditions

There are plenty of additional options not represented here, but this is a fun preview of what is coming for the 3rd Age. 

Up Next: A Look at Monsters in the Birth of Genesys

7 months ago – Mon, Aug 05, 2019 at 06:52:24 PM


The 2nd Age will bring The Genesys Project to the Modern era and into the near future. Along with that will come new concepts and options for all Five Domains. One of the primary design elements of the 2nd Age is being able to design tanks and vehicles for your faction. 

One of the biggest advantages of designing your own armored fighting vehicles (AFVs) is a wide choice of weaponry, armor, transport capacity, and secondary systems for your vehicles. As you can customize your own cannons and machine guns, this provides an extremely wide variety of AFVs that can be fielded.


Core Systems give you the capacity of equipment and weapon systems that can be fit into/onto the vehicle. How many Core Systems that can be added to a vehicle depends upon the vehicle’s size. There are several different sizes of vehicles each with their own base characteristics that can be expanded upon. Through the Traits system you may have advanced vehicles with additional Core Systems allowed, as well as other types of near-future upgrades. Here’s a quick list of the basic vehicle types:

Personal Vehicles: motorcycles and other single crewed vehicles. 

Core Systems 1

Toughness 5, Movement: 7

Crew 1, Compartment: Open

Light Vehicles: Lightly armored vehicles for transport, or fast-moving vehicles. 

Core Systems 2, 

Toughness 8, Movement 6

Crew 2, Compartments: Open

Medium Vehicles: Armored Personnel Carriers, or Lighter Battle Tanks. Enclosed Compartments. 

Core Systems 2

Toughness 9, Movement 5

Crew 2, Compartments: Open or Enclosed (choice)

Large Vehicles: Heavily Armored Tanks. Enclosed Compartments. 

Core Systems 3

Toughness 10, Movement 4

Crew 3, Compartments: Reinforced

Huge Vehicles: Massive Tanks. Enclosed Compartments. 

Core Systems. 4

Toughness 12, Movement 3

Crew 4, Compartments: Reinforced

These are a few examples of Core Systems that can be applied to your vehicles:

  • Coaxial Smoke Launchers: Provides Cover for the Vehicle when used
  • Command  Vehicle: Advanced Comms and Detection Systems. Allows Crew or Passengers to use their Command. 
  • Heavy Plating: Armor 1 (All Sides)
  • Improved Mobility: Increase Movement 1
  • Large Personnel Carrier: Increase Passenger Capacity 10, requires 2 Core Systems. For Medium vehicles and larger
  • Light Vehicle Enclosure: Compartment Upgrades- Enclosed for passengers and crew
  • Personnel Carrier: Increase Passenger Capacity 5 for Light, medium and Heavy vehicles. Personal vehicles may take an additional passenger with this system.
  • Reinforced Front/side Armor: Armor 1 (front and side armor only)
  • Reinforced Crew Compartments: Provides extra protection for drivers and crew. Heavy and Huge Vehicles already come with this standard.

These are a few examples of Weapon Systems that can be applied to your vehicles:

  • Advanced Targeting System: Provides a Combat Situational bonus
  • Crew Mounted Weapon: Pintle Mounted Weapon
  • Extra Crew Mounted Weapon: Pintle Mounted Weapon
  • Heavy Mounting: Greater Strength Weapon Increasing Strength 2
  • Hull Mounted Weapon System: Large Cannons take 2 Core Systems
  • Secondary Turret Weapon System: Mounted alongside the main armament
  • Turret Weapon System: Primary Weapon System. Large Cannons can take 2 Core Systems

There are plenty of additional systems not represented here, but this is a fun preview of what is coming for the 2nd Age. 

Next Up: Customizing Mecha and Powered Armor in the 3rd Age