The Genesys Project: The Birth of Genesys

Created by Gary Krieger- Genesys Games

The Genesys Project is a Customizable Tabletop Miniatures game where you create your own faction and customize your equipment.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Updates on Where we are at.
1 day ago – Fri, Feb 21, 2020 at 12:21:55 AM

I hope everyone is doing well. I expected this next update to be one saying that we are currently distributing everything to you right now or within a day or so, but there has been a hold up in shipping that is not within our control. Last week all three pallets were supposed to be on the proper boats heading to 3 different locations for distribution to all the supporters of the project. Shipping threw us a curve a couple days ago (beginning of this week). Here is the copy paste from the shipping company. I received this after I had expected our pallets to already have already shipped and on their way the week before. 

We have received a notification that the vessel will be 1 week delayed. The reason given is congestion in Rotterdam.  It is likely the result of the strong storm on the Atlantic that have caused interruptions in Rotterdam and also vessel delays in navigating around the storms or waiting things out.  I am very sorry about the bad news.

As it stands this is putting us a couple weeks past my February deadline and into March for distribution. Being proactive and to make the packing more efficient to get to everyone I am using two distribution companies, one in the US and one in the UK to help put everything together once pallets arrive to minimize the packing time and to ensure proper packing/tracking/etc. This adds additional costs on this end, but will be more efficient to help in the over all timeline, as delays push back not only you receiving the game but also any additional retail distribution and further releases (all of you are first and foremost, everything else comes after you get your orders).

I apologize for the delay and it is painful for me to not be on time. I greatly appreciate your patience in this, and I do have a couple things to share with you besides delays. As soon as the books arrive and are being prepared for distribution to you I will be giving you another update.

If you have not seen these already.... The books are just amazingly beautiful. I've been impressed with the quality of them. Here is a couple pics.

Birth of Genesys Backgrounds: The first is that we have some background/desktop/phone backgrounds for everyone that is excited for the project. You can download these now at the link below. 

New Faction Sheets: These I am really excited about as they are designed to allow you to create your own Faction Book. There are two different faction sheets, the first is one you can print out and with pen or pencil right out your faction on your own, with locations for pictures of your miniatures and etc. This can also be used a worksheet for the fillable form.. The second is a fillable pdf form that you can upload pics directly into and create a faction book for the faction you make. 

These will always be free to download, and you can get an early look at them now (and download them) at the link below.

Here are some images of the Faction Sheets in use.

Where are we at? Ive got two books in hand to show you.
26 days ago – Tue, Jan 28, 2020 at 01:59:47 AM

Something happened today that I cannot wait for you to enjoy yourself, the arrival of The Genesys Project books (Of course mine were sample copies of both books for final approval). The books were quite spectacular and so much nicer in quality that I had expected. They are beautiful. Check them out. 

Its truly amazing to get these in hand. Hardcover and 184 pages in the Birth of Genesys and 96pages in the Core Rules. That new book smell is wonderful. 

I will be putting together a better looking video that is shorter and polished for the website and some of these sections will be edited out and passed over, but for you who supported the project I wanted you to see even more of whats inside. 

So Here is the raw video for the Core Rules! Only available here through this update.

Here is the Birth of Genesys Raw video. Again remember that these are raw video and there will be a polished version up on the site soon. This is just the first set of video footage I took quickly for everyone here that supported this project. 

Know that I received these samples today and I will be giving the go ahead to the printers today, as well as getting these shipped out so that we can start distribution to you. Just to answer a question from earlier today, the digital versions of the books will be available once we are knee deep into the final fulfillment shipping everything out. This means that everyone should be getting their books hopefully as close as possible to everyone else.

Getting back to work on these videos! We will talk again soon!

-Gary Krieger

Happy Holidays- Updates, New Images, and What is to Come in 2020!
2 months ago – Tue, Dec 24, 2019 at 12:12:18 PM

It's that time of the year and I wanted to first off say what a great 2019 it's been with all of you that have supported the project. I have pulled myself back the last day or so and just read through all the exciting things that are there to explore in the Birth of Genesys book and I am so torn on what factions I would love to explore playing myself on the gaming table. This is exactly what I was looking for in a game, one that allowed you to explore and delve into different melee combat styles, martial arts, varied magics and powers, and the creation of very cool classes that you can create. I found myself making Warlocks, Monster Hunters, Chaos Mages, and even a Human faction that could cast powers with a collective consciousness.... what? Yea, the directions possible sometimes even catch me by surprise. 

I wanted to share a few things. The first being that please check out facebook page for misc updates and sneak peaks on what is coming.

Here are a couple images from there showing off the Covers of both books!

Now how about a couple pages exclusively for you. 

What else is going on right now here at the office? Well to begin we have been working with the printer making certain all the specs of the book are right. A little bit of back and forth but it seems we are good now. This pushes us into the next year with 2020 looking like it's going to be a crazy good year. Not only are we still looking at May'ish for the 2nd and 3rd Age Kickstarter, we have some exciting other going on. 

A big update to our website is going live in the next few days to kick off the near year, which will include a lot of fun information. 

We also have our first Campaign coming out in January. This will be a PDF release but will take players deep into the background of one of our premade factions in the Core Rules, delving into their creation. The release will focus on exploration of the ruins with rules for 1-4 player games escalating into a climatic battle. As a rule campaigns will not introduce new traits and abilities (meaning won't be required for players to get access to new abilities). Instead Campaigns are more like adventure books to enhance your gameplay, with new settings, game set ups, and fun ways to play the game and enhance your narratives for any faction wishing to delve into them.

So looking forward.... Have a Great Christmas and Holidays from Genesys Games. 2020 will be incredible and I am so excited to jump right in. 


Everything is moving quickly now. Backerkit pre-orders are locked now.
3 months ago – Wed, Dec 04, 2019 at 02:21:45 AM

With the Backerkit pre-order store now locked things are moving forward rather quickly. It's important that if you have not filled in your survey that you do so now to make certain that your order is wrapped up. Just follow the emails sent out through backerkit and you should have everything set. There is only a small handfull that have not yet done this, so please if you are in this group, lets do it so that I can make certain that every backer gets their orders on time. 

With that out of the way...... Now for some fun stuff.

Page of Contents from the Core Rules!

plus a couple more.

The backer levels who created factions.... included in Lore and Maps for the Genesys Worlds!
and casting Powers just because I have had so much fun with the in-house playtesters lately casting spells!
and just because the Core Rules have lots of fun pics for the 2nd and 3rd Age

Again I want to thank everyone for their support so far. This project is amazingly off the ground and running. It's very exciting with no direction to go but up! 

I hope your lead up to the Holidays is a great. We will talk again soon.


Backerkit Pre-Order Store Ends Tonight!
3 months ago – Sat, Nov 30, 2019 at 07:44:33 AM

Progress is awesome, and we are in our final day of the Backerkit Pre-Order store. It will close today saying good bye to Kickstarter pricing for everything as we lock orders and prepare our final counts for the first print run! You have until midnight tonight to update your orders, add to them, or pick up something for a friend, but tonight we will be locking orders in Backerkit. 

I will keep everyone up to date as we progress through the printing and shipping of the game. Of course we will have a few fun things going on in December as we prepare for next year. The in house playtesters are gathering for what might be the last get together for them to play their 1st Age armies tonight. (they move to 2nd and 3rd Age games in December). 

If you have not yet wrapped up your shipping or your surveys, please do. Today is the last day to do so, and I do not want to have any delays with backers getting their game. Its only a small percentage now, but this needs to get wrapped up. 

Talk again soon. 

Gary Krieger