The Genesys Project: The Birth of Genesys

Created by Gary Krieger- Genesys Games

The Genesys Project is a Customizable Tabletop Miniatures game where you create your own faction and customize your equipment.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Distribution has begun
4 days ago – Sun, Mar 29, 2020 at 05:05:50 PM

As we have talked about in previous updates distribution is beginning. Physical books, templates, quick play sheets are all being put together for distribution and I expect these to start arriving during the week. We are at the mercy of Covid 19 though, so please be patient as our distributors are doing everything to keep people safe as a number one priority. If there are additional hang ups I will keep you up to date. Thank you in advance for the patience, the books are beautiful and I cannot wait for you to get them. 

In the meantime though, digital distribution will starting in the next few minutes. If you have digital products that do not arrive, please give me a heads up here with a quick message and I will dig into it. Digital delivery is being handled through backerkit and early backers will be getting direct email with their bonus Primitive Faction award. 

Faction sheets to start creating your factions are available shortly on and don't forget to head over to the youtube page to see the latest Create Your Faction Videos. 

Creating Factions 101 and 102 are up.

Creating Humanoids and Fey are up.

Creating Reptilia will go live Monday with Biest later in the week. 

One last thing is that there will be links on the Gensys Games website to discuss faction building, and share your factions in a forum type setting. This will most likely go live tomorrow.

For any backer who did not order a digital product but would like to do so, you will receive an email with discount code to upgrade your order to include the digital versions of the books. 

The Latest Distribution Updates, A Look Ahead + New Create a Faction Videos
5 days ago – Sat, Mar 28, 2020 at 12:41:34 AM

Distribution is about to begin now over the next few days. Lets take a look at what that means.

First off it means that both our distributors will start packing and shipping shortly. However they are working with reduced staffing to maintain the safety of the people that will be packing your boxes and everyone around them plus will be following every protocol and social distancing required to keep everyone safe. 

As soon as I get confirmation books have began to be distributed I will do another update so that everyone can be aware that packages are coming. This will be any day now from today thru Monday and the beginning of next week. As safety is a number one concern, please take appropriate precautions at all times. There is a distributor in the US for US and Canadian distribution and one in the UK for the UK, EU and rest of the world. I appreciate everyone's patience on this. 

Digital Distribution- I have had several requests to push up digital distribution for everyone under "Shelter in Place" instructions". So of course! we are going to do that. That means that digital distribution will happen this weekend! 

My concern has always been to get everyone their products as close together as possible. If you did not order a digital version of the Core Rules and Birth of Genesys I'm not going to leave you out waiting. I am going to be sending a code to you granting you Kickstarter pricing for the digital versions of the books this weekend. This will only be available for a short time. 

The full online store will be up in April most likely the 2nd or 3rd week, but not until books are in our backers hands. This release date has been pushed back due to coronovirus set backs and shipping delays for backers. A tentative general release date is April 17th, but could be a week earlier if distribution is complete. That means your friends that did not get in on the Kickstarter would not be getting their books until the second half of April. Once the online stores open there will be a few products joining the store you have not seen yet, The Genesys Project Dice Sets, Cone/Flamer Templates, and the 1st Age Campaign book (digital release only with campaign rules- like Non Player Factions (NPF's) and More).

Please be patient over the next number of days as distribution gets started. 

Once digital distribution is moving (this weekend), the Genesys Games site will have Faction sheets for you to download for free, as well as a location to share your faction builds and questions directly with everyone else.  We are going to create some fun and crazy builds in the days ahead! 

...... and start talking 2nd and 3rd Age!

There are new videos being released every few days now highlighting Creating Factions. visit our Youtube page to see the latest!

and don't forget a good place to see additional updates and notices is on our Facebook page

Stay Safe   -Gary Krieger

Updates in Regards to Shipping and Fufillment+ New Information on Digital Products
16 days ago – Mon, Mar 16, 2020 at 11:15:27 PM

We had a delay in Customs last week but we are back moving forward again and are looking to start distribution sometime next week with digital distribution also being fulfilled next week. Distribution once it begins will be quick and efficient, so just about everything will be shipped to you and other backers in a single day (we have the manpower ready).

We are distributing from two locations, one in the US and one in the UK. Luckily for us our products are currently in those two countries (I have been hearing of pallets being held up with long delays when going international right now). It seems we are clear of that. I will be sending out another update towards the end of this week or beginning of next week as distribution begins.

So as long as shipping companies are working, we will should not see any additional delays. I am working extra on making certain myself almost daily to check on the progress.

On a further note to both digital products The Core Rules and the Birth of Genesys. Next week when you receive your emails to get your digital books, there will be two versions of the rules for you. The first is a a High Res Version that will show off the beauty of the book, and a standard version which will be easier to use on your tablets phones etc. The reason is we wanted to make certain that the quality of book is shown off as much as possible (the physical books are nice), but we know that not all tablets would be as easy to navigate on some devices for gameplay etc. So you get both. 

Also here is the first video in a line of them that will be coming over the next few weeks, starting with Creating Factions 101, which will be followed by Creating Humanoids.

Last Week There was Shipping Delays..... Now....
about 1 month ago – Tue, Mar 03, 2020 at 01:16:46 AM

Now things are moving along quickly and we will begin distribution the moment our pallets arrive at our two fulfillment locations. I expect that to happen sometime next week (towards the end of the week as everything is checked and packaged). I was Skyping today and the distributors handling Kickstarter fulfillment are rearing to go once everything arrives. I'm very excited at this point and its all good news!

Something fun: Lots of templates (a pic from a week or so ago). These are our combo 3"/ 5" Templates. The inner circle is 3" and the outer circle is 5". How cool is that! For credit.... Awesome design concept from Dave Taylor specifically for us! They are not flimsy at all. Im a big fan of them.

These work great for customizing your spells to give them an area effect, especially for those darn Fey who can augment their powers during the game!

Things to look forward to are a series of videos that will be launching about the same time distribution is happening. The videos are the how to of creating your factions and playing the game. 

In the meantime we are preparing for the next two books (and have been for quite some time now)! The Revelations and Genesys- 2nd Age and the Exodus of Genesys- 3rd Age. So lots of fun coming and its going to be a crazy and fun year. 

Expect another update once distribution begins!

Talk again soon,


Updates on Where we are at.
about 1 month ago – Fri, Feb 21, 2020 at 12:21:55 AM

I hope everyone is doing well. I expected this next update to be one saying that we are currently distributing everything to you right now or within a day or so, but there has been a hold up in shipping that is not within our control. Last week all three pallets were supposed to be on the proper boats heading to 3 different locations for distribution to all the supporters of the project. Shipping threw us a curve a couple days ago (beginning of this week). Here is the copy paste from the shipping company. I received this after I had expected our pallets to already have already shipped and on their way the week before. 

We have received a notification that the vessel will be 1 week delayed. The reason given is congestion in Rotterdam.  It is likely the result of the strong storm on the Atlantic that have caused interruptions in Rotterdam and also vessel delays in navigating around the storms or waiting things out.  I am very sorry about the bad news.

As it stands this is putting us a couple weeks past my February deadline and into March for distribution. Being proactive and to make the packing more efficient to get to everyone I am using two distribution companies, one in the US and one in the UK to help put everything together once pallets arrive to minimize the packing time and to ensure proper packing/tracking/etc. This adds additional costs on this end, but will be more efficient to help in the over all timeline, as delays push back not only you receiving the game but also any additional retail distribution and further releases (all of you are first and foremost, everything else comes after you get your orders).

I apologize for the delay and it is painful for me to not be on time. I greatly appreciate your patience in this, and I do have a couple things to share with you besides delays. As soon as the books arrive and are being prepared for distribution to you I will be giving you another update.

If you have not seen these already.... The books are just amazingly beautiful. I've been impressed with the quality of them. Here is a couple pics.

Birth of Genesys Backgrounds: The first is that we have some background/desktop/phone backgrounds for everyone that is excited for the project. You can download these now at the link below. 

New Faction Sheets: These I am really excited about as they are designed to allow you to create your own Faction Book. There are two different faction sheets, the first is one you can print out and with pen or pencil right out your faction on your own, with locations for pictures of your miniatures and etc. This can also be used a worksheet for the fillable form.. The second is a fillable pdf form that you can upload pics directly into and create a faction book for the faction you make. 

These will always be free to download, and you can get an early look at them now (and download them) at the link below.

Here are some images of the Faction Sheets in use.