The Genesys Project: The Birth of Genesys

Created by Gary Krieger- Genesys Games

The Genesys Project is a Customizable Tabletop Miniatures game where you create your own faction and customize your equipment.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

November is the Month- Reveals!
6 days ago – Wed, Nov 13, 2019 at 08:59:01 PM

I want to thank everyone with their support in The Genesys Project so far. We are working hard and it's amazing how some things take a little longer requiring staying up to daybreak and some take a little less time to get done. In the end though we are still moving forward and I am assured by Dave that we are still moving right along and on time. 

A couple things that are noteworthy. I am extending the Backerkit through til the end of November. November 30th will be the last day to get in on the Core Rules and the Birth of Genesys at this price point below MSRP. The reason for the 2 week extension is that the pre-order store will go live on Genesys and is not ready yet. There are also some integration mysteries still being resolved between our distributor and what needs to be done on this end- these will be resolved soon. 

The order of shipping will be Kickstarter and backerkit orders fulfilled first and foremost before anything else. Pre-orders taken after backerkit closes will be shipped later, most likely March. This will be the case  for pre-orders through Genesys Games and through our distributors to reach Game Stores worldwide. So yes, you local stores will be able to get the game, it will be available. 

It is the first priority to me that your books are in your hands well before anyone else. You are the backers of the project and the reason that it is moving forward. So let your friends know..... to get in on the backerkit before it's over. November 30th will be the last day for it.

Oh yea. Now for the fun stuff!

You will recall that several pledge levels were available for backers to create their own factions that would be featured and integrated into the background and lore of the game. Each of the received an early copy of the rules, factions were made, artwork completed. So I figured I would show off the complete images for each faction!

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The Valley Confederation
Children of the Forest


Demons of Fear- A Dreadknight


Karthru'ak Empire


Earthclans of E'tune



Monster Cross Domain- Hybrid Faction

The Oni

You will be able to play any of these faction, including customizing them to fit your own needs if you want something just slightly different. Of course you can create your own, but these are the factions that will be available in the Core Rules, ready to take you right to the gaming table.

The Nether Lords- Halloween Factions! + Last Stretch Goal Surpassed
25 days ago – Fri, Oct 25, 2019 at 06:18:25 PM

We did make the final Kickstarter Stretch Goal! So all the Kickstarter stretch goals are complete! We also have some custom dice that will be added here shortly, as well as a spell power template. All exciting news! 

For now though its getting close to Halloween, lets make a quick faction

Today as we approach Halloween I thought I would share some fun scary builds from The Genesys Project to show off the game system. Today we are looking at the a horde army based upon an never ending horde of skeletal creatures to really wreck havoc upon the your enemies.

To do this we have a couple options, but to really push the limits of death we are going to select the Fey as our Life Domain taking the Path of Darkness where we will concentrate on the Sphere of Death, Fear, the Infernal, and of course a little chaos!

When creating our faction we get to select a number of traits that will be our "Faction Wide" traits. Lets jump right to the Sphere of Death to create our an undying army.

Here is the 1st Page of the Faction sheets!

Nether and Dread Skulls

I wanted a Skeleton army that is much more than just skeletons. These are infernal creatures of fear and death. A horde style army that is made up of possessed skeletons moving extremely fast with unnatural speed across the tabletop! They are followed up and mixed in with Dread Skulls who use fear to negate enemy bonuses with a high skill themselves to wreck havoc on enemy lines. Animated Dead cannot control or claim objectives, must use primitive weapons, and have some characteristic decreases (but are cheaper!, much cheaper). Having Hordes means we can throw these into larger squads to overwhelm the living.

Necro Mages

Both of those classes are animated dead, which means they are not easy to control for the player. They rush the nearest living models to attack! So to add some control into the horde. Necromancers are there are direct the fray and give some solid command to the army. Not to mention they cast Dark Bolt: A Dark Lightning spell which does not attack a models toughness! Instead it ignores the flesh and strikes at the soul of the target (their willpower). They are also able to raise the fallen on the tabletop to create additional animated squads of skeletal warriors.

Night Screamers

These are the archers of the army. They are not animated dead so they can indeed control and claim objectives. Their broken weapons (an imbued power) pierce through a point of armor! and the Screamers can see very well in the dark making them extremely deadly.

The Nether Lords (Not shown!)

Existing outside of the reality and the known Spheres of Influence Nether Lords are a Level 4 class! These are very rare in the game and powerful.Of course they wont be fielded except in much higher point cost games.

The Nether Lords, and more will be a part of the Faction Pack with available now for Pre-Order for the Genesys Project.

To create this faction there are many different places to get your miniatures, but Wargames Atlantic has a great set of skeleton warriors you can find here. 32 to a box! Great way to build and customize a horde like this.

We will be doing more Halloween Factions next week!

Need to see more?

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How to Play the Genesys Project: New Video
29 days ago – Mon, Oct 21, 2019 at 03:22:59 PM

What is the Genesys Project all about? 

We have a new video up, Make certain to check it out and hit Share and like to help spread the word to your other gamers that have been watching and lurking, just waiting to jump in. 

For Pre-Orders:



Updates: Pre-made Factions Preview
about 1 month ago – Fri, Oct 11, 2019 at 12:21:24 AM

There is so much getting done. The Core Rules have been through final editing and we are in the middle of the final editing for the Birth of Genesys- 1st Age. 

While all this is going on factions are being created that will be included in the Core Rules! I have 3 of them complete and a fourth very close. Lets take a look at three of them!

Humanoid Faction: The Valley Confederation: A group of Merchant Cities banded together. Together they a wide variety of unit types including the use of Mercenaries, Militia, Muskets, and even Mystics delving into the Occult. Playstyle wise the base models are inexpensive with equipment filling in most of the costs to fill the ranks. Elite Mercenaries and archers protect the merchant cities with Mystics able to counter spells and powers from the threats beyond their walled cities. 

Humanoid Faction: The Children of the Woods are based off of Germanic tribes and are the hunters and warriors who can call upon their goddess's avatar, the Valkyrie, to come and fight on their battlefields. The Children of the Woods come in fast, can infiltrate and have Warpriests capable pushing their abilities beyond what is possible. 

The last one I am sharing today is still lacking a faction name (its coming soon) and comes from the Biests. They are from the Bor Kingdom and skilled in the use of weapons of war. Their Warlords are brutal fighters to lead the charge while their great Stone Shamans stand at the lead of their armies. They are the masters of the Earth and are able create tremors in the earth and pull the stone from the ground to defend themselves from harm.  In the distance they are able to drop meteors from the skies. The most ancient Shamans though break away from earth, splitting time itself.

Very soon we will have some artwork to see and more details! 

Don't forget that the Backerkit will run through November 15th. After that we the books will move their normal (non-Kickstarter msrp) prices. So if you have friends on the fence, or waiting for that perfect time, its a great chance to get involved.

Oh yea... we are also right on the edge of achieving our last Stretch Goal! Keep it up. 

On Schedule with Updates! Sneak Preview
about 2 months ago – Tue, Sep 24, 2019 at 09:21:58 PM

The Genesys Project is moving along at a fantastic pace and in some areas we are ahead of where I thought we would be! Really quite amazing at this point. So what is going on?

The backers Creating Factions for the Core Rules have been delivered their rulesets (over the weekend) to start creating factions that will be part of the main book. As we get closer in the next couple weeks we will be sharing some of them.

New add-ons are in the works! Custom Dice for the game are first on that list, as well as a "Cone Effect" template. These will be available in our Pre-Order Store- linked at the end of the article.

The Core Rules are practically through final editing, which means editing the The Birth of Genesys: 1st Age is about to begin. Artwork is being produced for the books as we speak to aid in layout and design. This means Dave Taylor is hard at work moving things around and polishing the brass.

Oh yea. The sneak preview above was painted by Dave Taylor himself. How amazing is that miniature! Its the Goddess Miniature from Cereberus Studios and although it was not sculpted for The Genesys Project... it certainly looks like it was!

Just because they are one of our supporting companies and just awesome, link to Cereberus Studios Facebook:

Recall this artwork?

When I get some finished pics I will share the lot of them! Look for them later this week.

Don't Forget that our Pre-Order Store is up! That means you can head over there to see what has been added. This is the link to share!